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Welcome and thank you for stopping by my official website. Have any questions or curiosity? You are welcome to contact me at: And i will try my best to solve your questions. Please don't send me special offers or spam emails as i will ignore them. Thank you.



       Yes i love making music. It all started way back in 2011-2012 
with Virtual DJ. When i discovered Virtual DJ, i never made any official use of producing music on it. I just messed around making mashups of other music for awhile. As i can recall i didn't start making my own music until around the near end of 2012. My music is Genre'd around Club/instrumental based electronic/electro. Now i have added a couple words to a few songs of mine, but nothing based off me singing or anything. Singing isn't my thing. ;) I use different options for voice creating. The main software i use is usually just FL Studio, and virtual DJ. FL Studio is what i use to create the main song (In recorded 16-beat segments), And virtual DJ is what i use to record the song segments into the completed project. I bring to conclusion that i hope you enjoy hearing a few of my songs. They are free for you to download and listen to later. Feel free to support me if you want, I'm not big on trying to be famous or anything. I just like sharing my projects with others. =)


Making just music isn't enough for me, I'm also a digital artist. I like to draw my Pictures using Microsoft Paint. Then touching it up with Chasys Draw IES. The software is a freeware and it's available for download here if your interested.: Chasys Draw IES. But back to using windows paint, I've been an artist of using windows paint for many years now and i still continue to use it today. It can take me anywhere from 8-12 hours of drawing to complete a single project. I've actually had some drawings take me more than 25 Hours to complete. Mainly due to a lot of details. If your ever interested in watching live you can check out my live streams i do below. ^^
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I promote when i will be scheduled to draw on Picarto on my Deviantart.